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British Muslims

Muslim Offers provides you the opportunity to promote your products and services by offering money-saving deals to our British Muslim subscribers


Targeted impact

Your offer will be incorporated into a customised newsletter, reaching significantly more British Muslims than if you send a lone email. The message can also be geo-targeted

Detailed reporting

We can provide reports for detailed analysis to look at how well your campaign has performed, ensuring optimum ROI

Reach new audience

Display ads of all standard sizes, including rich media, video, and banners. Reach British Muslim consumers and encourage interested people to make a purchase

Clear pricing structure

We operate on set prices and charge you per campaign. We do not charge any commission on your sales. Prices start from as low as £50 per promotion. No subscription, no hidden fees and no contract. 

How it works

We are glad that we have a Genie who makes the process as easy as 1-2-3 


1. Design

Muslim Offers design a monthly email newsletter for its subscribers

2. Place

Offers, deals or ads from sponsoring businesses are placed into the email

3. Send

Targetted email is delivered to our subscribers

Let’s Start Something new

Whether you’re interested in getting featured in our newsletter, finding out about our pricing or anything else, we’ll be happy to answer your questions